Peaceful Pioneers

Where we search our souls, lift our spirits, and strengthen our voices. Together.

What If...

The pandemic doesn't only spell pain, but is also a moment for a personal and planetary reset?
And what if there was a help you blaze new trails, and live into a more fulfilling future?

Peaceful Pioneers is that safe space, for us to:

- feel whole (again)

- uncover and tell our soulful stories clearly and convincingly

- practice stepping back out into the world, leading ourselves and others with a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

Why Join Us

Become a Peaceful Pioneer to forge your truer path in a pandemic-transformed world.

What makes you a Peaceful Pioneer?

  • You're willing to ask yourself the deeper questions of life.
  • You're fueled to drive change from the inside out i.e. to explore and mine your inner world for the stories it carries, and the truths it holds.
  • You're moved by Maya's voice, on her livestreams and social media, and would like to apply her insights to your life, or your life's work, in some way.

Suzanne Falter (Best-selling self-help author, speaker, and singer)

Maya’s got a great blend of practicality, spiritual wisdom and a nurturing, healing kindness that has been excellent in our coaching together.

What's Inside Peaceful Pioneers

  • A growing community of people who vibe with Maya's songs and stories, and want to bring some of that music or magic to their own worlds.
  • Programs to help you feel whole (again), learn to tell your own stories, or to be a more soulful leader for the things you care about.
  • Daily conversations, weekly check-ins and monthly reflections that keep you at peace, and in authentic motion, with your life or life's work.

Alice Karolina Smith (Brand Purpose Strategist)

The time Maya and I spent on our call was almost like a piece outside time, magical and profound. I was able to bring my questions and doubts that I had carried around for two years, and within a few minutes it was resolved.

Thank you Maya for the weight off my shoulders. You have no idea how much I was holding back for the sake of choosing one life or business brand project. Now they all seem to breathe and grow.

You'll Love It Here Because...

  • You feel comfortable sharing your stories and experiences with others, so that they may learn from you, as much as you'll learn from them
  • You thrive in community, and understand that being an active participant helps strengthen that community for yourself and others
  • You understand the power of being honest and vulnerable, and you want a safe space to practice being (more) so
  • You see life as a series of learning opportunities, and that everyone you meet can be both your teacher and student
  • You're willing to devote 1 to 2 hours a week to contribute to or learn from fellow Peaceful Pioneers

Francesca Barrientos (Design Strategist | Researcher | Facilitator)

Maya worked with me through an arduous career change and helped me find my dream job. She understood that traditional career advice hadn't worked for me and used her intuition, creativity and deep practical knowledge to guide me through finding my own path.

Your Host

Hi there! I'm Maya, and the pandemic was, on hindsight, 
the wake-up call I didn't know I needed.

Here are some thoughts and things that emerged for me:

  • If I somehow succumbed to this virus, would I have done everything I'd wanted to in this life? (The answer was a resounding no.)
  • As before when things got rough, I turned to music for comfort and joy. This time, though, I was also moved and inspired to become a professional musician. (Lockdowns can make you do the darndest things!) Best. Career. Decision. Ever.
  • I developed my gift of intuition even more, and began using it to guide others in profound ways.

Sangeeta Mallik (Team Dynamics Expert | Health & Educational Researcher)

Maya is a phenomenal career coach. She is able to hone in intuitively to her client's career building needs and then she spins her magic in every session!

She is a creative, out of the box thinker who elicits 100 percent authenticity from her clients and gets them to tune into what their inner voice truly wants them to focus on in terms of career bolstering and expansion. 

She also happens to be an amazing singer! 

More About Me

I've lived and worked on 3 continents (Asia, Europe, North America), and have studied, and volunteered or worked in, the areas of:

Your Investment

I'm deeply committed to help you face this new world clearly, and bravely...with a voice and story that makes others listen.

Your founding membership fee for Peaceful Pioneers is $77 per month or $777 per year.

Member benefits:

  • Weekly check-ins and reflections for your personal journey into peace.
  • Monthly discussions, and inspirational fuel, to deepen the connection to your inner and outer worlds.
  • An ever-deepening connection to other soulful leaders in Peaceful Pioneers, who share your desire for a more peaceful planet, and who are ready to do the work to make that a reality.
  • Access to resources, carefully curated to light your pioneering fire.
  • Access to deep-dive programs that hone your voice and amplify your impact (for an additional fee)

Membership Guarantee

I envision Peaceful Pioneers as a space that, through nurturing its members, will uplift millions of lives around the world in the next decade.

The service and features at Peaceful Pioneers will expand over time. As a thank you for lending your time and voice to shape Peaceful Pioneers in these early days, you’ll enjoy a “price lock” guarantee i.e. you’ll continue to pay $77/mth or $777/yr as long as you stay in the community.

If you decide to leave Peaceful Pioneers, then rejoin at a later date, you will be charged the prevailing membership fee on that date.

Join Us Today...

and start cherishing yourself as a Peaceful Pioneer. 

I look forward to welcoming you!


Maya Mathias - Founder & Host, Peaceful Pioneers